Sheri L. Hoble’s Annual Holiday Prayer

This will be a different kind of note today than I normally post.

Because the first thing to note is that a bona fide holiday miracle seems to have occurred: Congress agreed on another relief bill.

I’ll have more details once they become available, probably next week. I’m producing this note before the final vote and the release of the text. But the basics seem to be:

  • Additional $600 stimulus payments to individuals, and $600 per child (income limitations not yet available, but probably same as before)
  • $284B in more PPP funding
  • $300 in federal unemployment supplement, plus extension of earlier unemployment programs that expanded eligibility
  • Various other grants and loans for Broward and Palm Beach County small businesses, plus special funding for live venues, etc.

Again… final details pending, but this will be very good news for many.

Regardless, we’re chipping away at final year-end moves for all of our clients, and getting ready for the 2021 tax season. We’re right here, if you need us in the meantime:

Now… I mentioned how this would be a different kind of note.

That’s because I want to take a moment to wish everyone a happy holiday. This time of year, especially this year, is a good moment to pause and reflect. It’s easy  to look back through a negative lens, but while 2020 wasn’t a typical year, don’t discredit or skip over the triumphs and accomplishments you’ve made. 

In times like these, immense growth can be had. We look forward to helping you cultivate that growth and we’re excited to be in your corner for this upcoming tax season. 

You’re not alone.


Sheri L. Hoble & the rest of the staff



Sheri L. Hoble’s Annual Holiday Prayer