Reflections On The Extended Tax Season By A Local Broward and Palm Beach County Tax Professional

I remember at the end of April 2019 that I felt like it had been one of the wildest tax seasons in memory. The TCJA (“Trump Tax Code”) had thrown a ton of curveballs our way, and we were looking forward to implementing tax planning strategies for our clients with an entire year under our belts.

And we did, and have done so…

But then 2020 came like a tsunami.

And we have faced it together, haven’t we?

Through it all, we’ve held together — and I hope we’ve been a small part of you and your family holding it together too.

We’ve been pushing through what seems like an ever-changing tax season: full of impromptu deadlines, unprecedented changes, and just… so much going on around the world. This whole year has been a doozy for everyone and we cannot stress enough that we’re doing our best to go above and beyond for our clients during these times.

THANK YOU for your trust.

It is no small matter to place your financial life in front of another, and that’s especially true during a season of so much disruption and pain. That’s why we work so hard to be people that you can trust for more than a mere “filling out some forms” service.

It’s why I make it a point to write these notes every week, sometimes more (even when we are slammed with work) — and it’s why we work so hard to stay up-to-date on all of the latest tax code updates and regulatory changes that come like clockwork, every year.

But dare I say this? I believe that the future is bright. We WILL get through this – and we will do it together.

We take your trust seriously. THANK YOU for it, and for your business.

With a grateful heart,

Sheri L. Hoble
(954) 752-4013

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Reflections On The Extended Tax Season By A Local Broward and Palm Beach County Tax Professional