Financial Mindset Management for Our Broward and Palm Beach County Tax Clients

2020, thus far, has been full of an unprecedented amount of world events, ups and downs, and it can certainly feel like a hectic roller-coaster at times.

This isn’t a normal time for our nation. 

On the bright side, I believe we’re on the tide of change – after all, there are important conversations being had in corners where they perhaps haven’t ever occurred. 

We’ve had a rise in good news surrounding COVID infections, a surge in recent job reports (to which the stock market continues to respond favorably), a calming of some of the violence in our cities, and a variety of other positive signals and triumphs. 

Here are Sheri L. Hoble CPA Inc, we have been having very fruitful conversations as well – about how we can improve, changes we can make to better our services to you, and just what type of company we’re striving to be.

Financial Mindset Management for Our Broward and Palm Beach County Tax Clients

“When the storm has passed, put your energy into rebuilding your life, don’t waste time looking back.” -Leon Brown

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal put it well: our primal instincts drive us towards obsession with stressful news and the social media sites that put it in front of us.

Our brains are wired to be on the lookout for threats, and have been since the days of hunting and gathering. We are quite literally predisposed to pay more attention to negative than to positive things – sure enough, this can be incredibly draining. 

It is also difficult to quit, especially because we unconsciously feel like we might be missing out on something we need to know about, and so it makes decompressing and stepping away from all the negativity a tremendously difficult task. 

So what should we do about this?

My recommendation: build yourself SOME system of controlled media and technology intake. Emphasis on the word “system”. 

Recognize that your proclivities towards absorption will conquer even the best intentions, and set an actual structure for yourself.

Whether that means putting your phone “to sleep” in a different place than your bedroom, batch processing the news or social media feeds within prescribed time limits, or even logging off of all social media for various periods of time — the point is, TAKE CONTROL.

Don’t allow the cycle of negativity to control your mind.

Oh and one more thing: get peace of mind by getting someone experienced and excellent to take the difficult things off your plate.

Oh, like your taxes — just to use an example.

For this, and for all of your financial needs… we’re always in your corner.


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Financial Mindset Management for Our Broward and Palm Beach County Tax Clients